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Q: Are the Mobile Health Hubs difficult to setup and use?

A: No. We provide a checklist and a video to help the user through each step. It’s simple and easy!

Q: What is the propane used for?

A: The propane is used to make the hot water.

Q: Is a special truck needed to tow the Mobile Health Hub?

A: No. Most vehicles with a 3500lbs capacity hitch can tow the Mobile Health Hub. You should consult your vehicle manufacturer specifications to ensure that your vehicle is rated to tow this weight as well.

Q: Can your trailers be hooked up for a “permanent” installation?

A: Yes they can.

Q: How long do the faucets run for each press?

A: The faucets are set to run for 20 to 30 seconds. This timing is intended to meet CDC hand-washing guidelines.

Q: What kind of power do I need to supply the Mobile Health Hub?

A: The Mobile Health Hub requires only a single extension cord from a standard wall plug. The power source required is 110 volts AC power at 10 amps. The Mobile Health Hub can also run from the AC power supplied by a small generator which we also offer.

Q: Are your trailers safe to use indoors at a venue or stage?

A: Yes. The Mobile Health Hub is designed for use indoors or outdoors, temporarily or permanently.

Q: If I only have enough room to open one side of the Mobile Health Hub, will it still work?

A: Yes. The wash stations work independently of each other. You can open one door, two doors or all the doors.

Q: Do I have to disconnect the Mobile Health Hub from the vehicle to use it?

A: No. The Mobile Health Hub can work while attached to a vehicle. Just make sure to level the trailer.

Q: How often do I have to fill or empty the water?

A: Water level indicators are located on the outside of the Mobile Health Hub. We suggest emptying the grey water when it reaches ¾ capacity. The fresh water should be filled when you empty the grey water tank. Each Mobile Health Hub will supply up to 1800 hand washings from a fully freshwater tank.

Q: Can I change the water temperature?

A: All of the Mobile Health Hub water heaters are set to just below 90 degrees before leaving our facility. We do not suggest users to adjust the water temperature settings on their own. However, we can adjust the water temperature higher or lower, depending on your requirements, prior to the Mobile Health Hub leaving our facility.

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