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The Mobile Health Hub

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The Mobile Health Hub™ is a one-stop, stand-alone health station for productions, events and any other businesses that interact with large numbers of public and/or employees. Due to COVID-19, the CDC has issued specific protocols regarding hand washing. The Mobile Health Hub™ can provide as many as 1800 hand washes from it’s self-contained water tank or unlimited washes when configured for ‘constant service’.

Model T

The Mobile Health Hub™ Model T is equipped with 10 wash stations that can provide as many as 1800 hand washes from it's large, 300-gallon capacity water tank. It’s sturdy construction and low-profile make it a perfect for maneuvering down side streets where clearance may be an issue.

Model C

The Mobile Health Hub™ Model C has set a new standard of function and versatility. The Model C comes in a 12 wash station configuration. The high number of wash stations combined with the simplicity of requirements allows for immediate deployment to any location with minimal on-site resources.

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Production Services

Providing on set sanitary services to your cast and crew.

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Fire Fighter Field Support
Disaster Relief Response

Fair Grounds

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Special Occasions

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Mobile Health Hubs include the following:

  • Available in 10 or 12 wash stations

  • Privacy Partitions for each wash station

  • Stainless sinks, fixtures and surfaces for easy sanitization between uses 

  • Individual soap and paper towel dispensers in each wash station

  • Each tap runs preset water temperature for 20 seconds and switches off automatically, following the CDC guidelines for hand washing 

  • Configurable to 'constant service’ requiring no filling or draining

  • Each HUB provides storage to transport and dispense masks, eye protection, hand sanitizers and gloves efficiently

  • Small footprint - a modest 8.5 by 26 foot space (two parallel parking spaces) gives you up to 12 washing stations

  • Household garden-style hose or 1-1/2” fire hose for freshwater filling (300 gallons max)

  • Power - 110VAC / 15amp supplied by one extension cord

  • Lighting for each wash station allows for night time use

  • The Mobile Health Hub™ is already DOT certified so it can be delivered and registered with ease in any state

Fully compliant with CDC requirements to clean hands, the trailers can hold 300 gallons of fresh water and 300 gallons of grey water, allowing for 1,800 individual hand washes before refilling. 

Available for monthly, weekly, and daily rentals.

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These trailers create a perfect platform for advertisers to display their brand/product. The functionality creates positive brand awareness around their image while providing an essential service.

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